CFCS Arts, established by Carol Schilling, branches multiple creative disciplines and mediums. 

Pablo Picasso stated that, “Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once [s] he grows up.”  I have been on that quest for more than half a century. That quest---my quest--- leads me to travel, to study, to teach, to observe, to discover, and to learn how to transmute my experiences into images that grasp a moment of----- grace.

I admire storytellers and storytelling. Storytelling is based upon an oral tradition. Because of that, storytellers of all cultures and time periods have used mnemonic (memory) devices to help them simplify and recall key details. My paintings are visual reflections of that technique. They are simple and complex.  They focus on some details and leave out others. Stylistically, they are somewhere between Impressionism and Realism. Whether it is a portrait, a landscape, or a floral, each painting, drawing, and sculpture has a story to tell.  I hope to, someday, do those stories justice.

- Carol Schilling



I started painting nearly fifty years ago.  Through the years, I have experimented with oil, acrylic, watercolor and a combination of watercolor and ink.


Coming soon.


Fred offers a wide variety of unusual woodworking projects.  Currently, he is focusing on staircases, as well as desks and furnishings for the kitchen.


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